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1978 African Cup of Nations Qualification Ratings

Ratings based on 1978 African Cup of Nations Qualification

Field Strength = 97.37

Ivory Coast 251102.0097.3399.33
Uganda 221100.5097.8398.33
Tunisia 4107100.7597.4198.16
Congo 4107100.7597.3398.08
Nigeria 474100.7597.2598.00
Egypt 24599.5098.5098.00
Algeria 475100.5097.3397.83
Ethiopia 454100.2597.5897.83
Guinea 485100.7596.7597.50
Senegal 465100.2597.0897.33
Zambia 222100.0097.3397.33
Mauritius 46799.7597.0896.83
Gabon 25699.5097.3396.83
Sierra Leone 21399.0097.8396.83
Togo 21399.0097.5096.50
Malawi 23499.5096.8396.33
Cameroon 22499.0097.3396.33
Kenya 23599.0097.3396.33
Upper Volta 21598.0097.3395.33
Libya 20597.5097.1694.66

Methodology for predictor ratings developed in SAS. Methodology is as follows:

               i. Calculate an intial rating: (GF-GA)/MP +100 for every team
               ii. Calculate the mean intial ratings for all opponents as intial
                   strength of schedule.
               iii. Adjust initial rating of every team by initial strength of schedule.
               iv. Iterate through steps ii. and iii. until convergence or ten 
                   iterations (which ever comes first) to calculate final strength of schedule (variable OPP above).
               v. Adjust initial rating by final strength of schedule (using formula: Rating = Initial Rating + [Final Strength of Schedule - 100])

A Rating system for International and Club Football Teams