League sets created by Don Hampton

Don Hampton has been a real pioneer in my attempt to make the Mean Mark's Challenge Football game into shareware. He was the first gamer to test out the Excel worksheet that converts team and player stats into cards in a 100d format.

Don wrote:

"I'm a big fan of individual player cards and the effect a specific player has on a game. To that end, I'm back working on cards for the 1-100 version you gave me the spreadsheet for. As I previously mentioned, I made a ton of teams last year for it and would love to share those. I made EPL, English League Championship, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, La Liga, MLS and a few assorted stray teams. I'm attaching here the EPL cards I made."

Below are Don Hampton's card sets

2013-14 English Premier League (in .pdf)

Arsenal | Aston Villa | Cardiff City | Chelsea | Crystal Palace |
Everton | Fulham | Hull City | Liverpool | Manchester City |
Manchester United | Newcastle United | Norwich City | Southampton | Stoke City |
Sunderland | Swansea City | Tottenham Hotspur | West Bromwich Albion | West Ham United |

NEW!!! December 2015

2014 Major League Soccer | 2014-15 German Bundesliga | 2014-15 English Premier League | 2014-15 Spanish La Liga |

2014-15 Italian Serie A | 2014-15 French Ligue 1 | 2014-15 Dutch Eredivisie | 2014-15 English Championship |

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